Burgate Manor

Burgate, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 1LX
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Biodiversity at Burgate Manor

At Burgate Manor the parkland features support a variety of habitats including deciduous woodland and coastal and floodplain grazing marsh associated with the river. Part of the site is River Avon System Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) one of the most important river systems in England for nature conservation supporting a very high diversity of aquatic plants, invertebrates, birds and fish such as flowering rush, king fisher and reed warbler and including nationally rare and internationally important species such as the sea lamprey and Desmoulin’s snail.

Follow this link for more information on habitats and species supported by Brown landscapes  www.capabilitybrown.org/biodiversity-and-natural-environment

Follow this link for more information on River Avon System SSSI https://necmsi.esdm.co.uk/PDFsForWeb/Citation/2000183.pdf