1964 film on Capability Brown at East Anglian Film Archive website

30.01.2015 | category: General
Ransomes' Capability Brown film on the East Anglian Film Archive website
Ransomes' Capability Brown film on the East Anglian Film Archive website

East Anglian Film Archive's website hosts a fascinating film about the work of Capability Brown. It dates from 1964 and was made and distributed by the Ransomes Film Unit. Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies Ltd of Ipswich were manufacturers of lawn mowers as well as agricultural equipment and trolleybuses. Its film unit created a wide range of general interest films which were available to interested groups on free loan, providing indirect publicity for the company while creating a bond with gardeners in the audience, and with the heritage of landscape management. The film shows many estates shaped by Capability Brown, and provides an interesting visual introduction to his work. One of the advisers on the film was Dorothy Stroud, the first person to publish a large and important text on Brown whose work is still much referred to today.

To watch the Capability Brown film, visit the EAFA's Capabilty Brown film page.

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The East Anglia Film Archive is part of the University of East Anglia (UAE) in Norwich, and the University's wider interest in Capability Brown is reflected in the Research Review 2013 by Jon Gregory, Sarah Spooner and Tom Williamson of the Landscape Group within the School of History at UAE.

Written by Jane Alvey, Curator - East Anglian Film Archive. www.eafa.org.uk